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III Annual Agrarian Tax Conference

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The outgoing year was oversaturated with tax innovations and events for Ukrainian farmers and not the most pleasant. The land issue remained unresolved and attempts to discuss the future of the land market led only to disorder and uncertainty in the ranks of landholders and the complication of already difficult relations with tenants. Farmers are sure that the pressure on agribusiness by the fiscal authorities has intensified.

So the agrarians have something to say. And the company “ProAgro Group” is ready to give them such an opportunity!

December 8, 2017 will be held III annual Agrarian Tax Conference. Participants will try to puzzle out how to use the existing tax conditions for agrarians optimally, how to avoid mistakes, how to restructure their work and plan their business properly and how to prepare for possible further changes in the legislation regarding taxation in the sphere of agro-industrial complex. Transformation of the tax system in agribusiness is not over yet, and it is extremely necessary for business to be ready for this.

During the III Agrarian Tax Conference it is planned to raise the following main issues:

-Possible options for changing Ukrainian legislation on taxation of agricultural enterprises for the near future

-What do we learn from this year’s problems:

blocking of tax invoices

“regular price” of realization

violations of the cash discipline

the shadow market and worthless deals

-Demands of tax authorities: how to respond correctly, court practice in disputes with SFSU (State Fiscal Service of Ukraine)

-Inspections in the agricultural sector: old and new risks of additional charges

-The procedure for calculating budgetary subsidies for a mixed agricultural production system: features and prospects for change

– “Legalization” of grain purchased for cash: if the risk is justified and how to work with suppliers and buyers

-Continuation of the topic of cash payments for agricultural products. Inspections in the field of transfer pricing

-Export VAT refund: features, proper administration, non-refund options

-Land legislation: unresolved problems, SFSU cavils, proper execution of lease agreements and interaction with the land owners

-Checks on personal income tax: it is better to pay with money

-Organizing corporate tax management, not just tax optimization

Of course, there are much more problematic points of taxation worrying agricultural enterprises, and they will also be raised in the framework of live discussions. Speakers of the conference – practitioners from agro-companies and experienced lawyers and specialists in tax planning and audit – will present their point of view on the problems that arise in the relationship with the SFSU, share their own experiences and advice.

The III annual Agrarian Tax Conference will be held on December 8, 2017 in the Kiev Golf Center.

We invite you to participate in the conference!

For participation in our events, partner programs, organization of the report and placement of advertising, please contact the Information Company “ProAgro Group”:

phone/fax: (+38 044) 248-02-67, (+38 067) 243-38-03


conference website:

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