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  • Facilitates the formation of a powerful and competitive grain market in Ukraine
  • Cooperates with state and local government bodies in order to develop and take decisions aimed at creating a favorable economic and legal environment for enterprises operating in the grain and related industries.
  • Contributes to the creation of an appropriate legislative framework, the organization of an independent examination of legislative and legal acts of a normative nature, as well as their projects that contribute to the functioning of the grain market
  • Offers suggestions to the authorities and management on the issues that govern the functioning of the grain market
  • Protects and represents common legitimate interests and collective points of view of the Association's members in legislative and executive bodies, in relations with state bodies and public associations, international associations, institutions and organizations, associations of other countries

Detailed roles and responsibilities of each structural element, you can find in the document

.pdf, 15 MB



The highest managing body UGA

The Audit Commissioni

Conducts an audit of the Association's activities

Chairman of Representatives
— the President of UGA i

Ensures implementation of meeting decisions and the Council of Representatives

General Directoratei

Defines and performs current tasks, executes operational decisions of issues of current activity

Council of Representatives i

It is the supreme governing body of the UGA between the convocations of the Association Meeting


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