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The comprehensive use of agricultural marketing tools is a must-have for a modern manufacturer. Effective marketing largely determines the commercial success of participants in the agricultural market.

Adaptation of production to the needs of consumers, forecasting changes in price conditions and obtaining the best price, development of new niches and access to new markets – all these are global agromarketing tasks. Thanks to this, agricultural producers increase profitability of the business and improve their own competitiveness in the market.

Modern tools of trade actively involve in their work as producers of agricultural products, and suppliers of planting material, plant protection products and equipment. They are also used by related industries that serve the AIC: logistic and trading companies.

September 5, 2018 the information company “ProAgro Group” holds the third annual Conference “AGROMARKETING 2018”.

Along with top issues such as the expansion of agricultural products in foreign markets, this conference will raise the problems of branding in the agro-industrial complex and technologies for promoting organic products, as well as effective visual marketing tools for suppliers of agricultural machinery, seeds and plant protection products.

In the course of our special panel – IT-agro-marketing – experts will demonstrate the results of technological innovation in the marketing of agricultural products.

The main issues of the III Annual Conference “AGROMARKETING 2018”:

– The image of Ukraine in the world market of agricultural products. Public-private partnership in the international arena

– Marketing strategies of traders and logisticians: forecasts, prices, analytics

– Tougher competition between countries and the development of new markets

– What to choose B2B or B2C. How agribusiness forms a closed cycle

– (In)Dependence of effective marketing on the size of the company. Cases of agro-growers, medium producers and farmers

– How much does it cost to build a brand? Features of branding and rebranding in the agroindustrial complex

– The role of trading houses in the formation of the recognition of agricultural products

– The effect of Field Day in increasing sales. Visual marketing as a tool for promoting MTR resources (seeds, NWR and agricultural machinery)

– Event marketing. How are service segment operators promoting their services?

– Work with counterparties. Specificity of conclusion of FEA contracts

Special panel of the conference

IT-agro-marketing: innovations and technologies

– Trade in agricultural products goes online. Online sites worthy of attention

– Digital trends in agromarketing

– The impact of CRM-systems on the company’s profits. How the software helps to improve the work of the marketing and sales departments

– E-mail marketing: agrarians work with this tool

– SMM marketing: who sells through social networks and which products

Traditionally, the speakers of the conference will be the practices of the agrarian business, ready to share their experience and knowledge with colleagues.

Live discussions of acute issues will give an opportunity to express their opinion to all participants in the hall.

See you at the conference!

For participation in our events, partner programs, organization of the report and placement of advertising, please contact the ProAgro Information Company:

Tel.: (+38 044) 248-02-67, (+38 067) 243-38-03

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