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Through Siberia, the forecasts of grain production for Russia, increased

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Experts IKAR has increased compared to the previous report, the forecast of grain production in Russia in 2018, with up to 108,6 109,4 million tonnes, in particular the estimation of gross collection of wheat – to 69.3 69.8 million tons, primarily due to the favorable weather in Siberia and the Urals, which will allow almost no losses to harvest.

the Forecast of the corn crop increased from 10.6 to 10.8 million tonnes because yields in Siberia and the Urals is approaching the record levels of the Central regions.

the Ministry of agriculture estimates current grain production at 105 million tonnes against a record 135.4 million tonnes in 2017.

As of October 8, Russia with 41.4 million ha (92.2% of the planned harvesting areas) harvested 105.5 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 2.55 t/ha (against 3 t/ha in 2017).

So, on a specified date collected:

17.2 mln tonnes of winter and spring barley from 7.7 million hectares or 96.2% of the area with yields of 2.25 t/ha (2017 – 2.8 t/ha)

4.5 million tons of corn from 1.1 million hectares or 45,8% of the area with a yield of 4.03 t/ha (2017 – 4,7 t/ha),

2.4 million tons of soybeans, down from 1.4 million ha or of 50.6% of the areas with the yield of 1.71 t/ha (2017 to 1.66 t/ha),

5.3 million tonnes of sunflower from 3.1 million ha or 38.8% of the areas with the yield of 1.72 t/ha (2017 – 1,82 t/ha).

  • 71.1 million tons of winter wheat and spring wheat from 25.2 million hectares, or 95,1% of the area with a yield of 2.82 t/ha (2017 – 3,26 t/ha),

Dry weather in the Eastern regions of Russia, will allow to accelerate the collection and to projected harvest.

In the Siberian Federal district threshed already 7.5 million hectares or 83,6% of the area, which are collected 13.5 million tons of grain with yield of 1.81 t/ha (2017 to 1.66 t/ha).

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