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Ukraine continues harvesting late grains and oilseeds

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As of September 22, Ukrainian farmers harvested grains and pulses throughout 6.787 mln ha or 61% of the plan. Production volume reached 26.1 mln tonnes with an average yield of 3.84 t/ha, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy informed.

Particularly, they harvested:

  • 4.7 mln ha of wheat (99% of plan), crop reached 19.2 mln tonnes so far with yield of 4.1 t/ha;
  • 1.6 mln ha of barley (100%; 5.5 mln tonnes, 3.47 t/ha);
  • 109.4 thsd ha of peas (98%; 250.7 thsd tonnes, 2.29 t/ha);
  • 20.9 thsd ha of corn for grain (0.5%; 99.2 thsd tonnes, 4.41 t/ha);
  • 47.2 thsd ha of buckwheat (40%; 58.5 thsd tonnes, 1.4 t/ha);
  • 28.8 thsd ha of millet (64%; 68.1 thsd tonnes, 2.37 t/ha).

Moreover, farmers harvested 672 thsd ha of sunflower seed area (14%). Production volume reached 1.294 mln tonnes with the average yield of 1.92 t/ha. Agrarians reaped 97.7 thsd ha of soybean. Production volume reached 228 thsd tonnes of with the yield of 2.33 t/ha.

Farmers started harvesting sugar beet. Production volumes reached so far 469 thsd tonnes with the yield of 52 t/ha reaped from 9.2 thsd ha (5%).

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