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Over 2 million hectares of spring grains and pulses have been sown in Ukraine

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The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reports that 2 million 053.4 thousand hectares of grain and pulses have already been sown in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Of which, in particular:

  • corn – 748.7 thousand hectares
  • barley – 741.5 thou hectares;
  • wheat – 204.7 thousand hectares;
  • peas – 157 thousand hectares;
  • oats – 136.6 thou hectares.

Over the past week, farmers sowed 792.6 thou hectares of grains and pulses.

Most of all:

  • In Kyiv region – 27.1 thou hectares of wheat, 40.1 thou hectares of barley, 4.8 thou hectares of peas and 4.3 thou hectares of oats.
  • In Ternopil region – 18.9 thou hectares of wheat, 63.6 thou hectares of barley, 3.6 thou hectares of peas and 5.1 thou hectares of oats.
  • In Khmelnytsky region – 14.8 thou hectares of wheat, 59.1 thou hectares of barley, 2.6 thou hectares of peas and 2.5 thou hectares of oats;
  • In Zhytomyr region – 14.5 thou hectares of wheat, 16.6 thou hectares of barley, 2.8 thou hectares of peas and 20.1 thou hectares of oats.
  • In Vinnytsia region – 11.5 thou hectares of wheat, 55 thou hectares of barley, 6 thou hectares of peas and 1.1 thou hectares of oats.

Sunflower was sown on 1 395.9 thou hectares. Sugar beet was planted on 223.7 thousand hectares. In Vinnytsia, Poltava, Khmelnytsky, and Chernihiv regions, early sugar beet sowing is complete.

Agrarians in 15 regions are sowing soybeans, with 116.3 thou hectares already planted.

Sowing of buckwheat and millet has started in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Khmelnytsky, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.

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