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Structure and function


  • Extends, receives information and promotes its ideas and goals.
  • Establishes media.
  • Support direct international contacts and relations, conclude appropriate agreements, and also participates in the implementation of activities not contradicting the international obligations of Ukraine.
  • Holds workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Implements economic and commercial activities by creating self-sustaining institutions and organizations, institutions and enterprises.
  • Implements distribution of bulletins, factsheets and other publications (including electronic means) necessary to implement the statutory objectives.
  • Concludes with third party agreements necessary to implement the statutory objectives.

Detailed roles and responsibilities of each structural element, you can find in the document

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The highest managing body UGA

The Audit Commissioni

Conducts an audit of the Association's activities

Chairman of Representatives
— the President of UGA i

Ensures implementation of meeting decisions and the Council of Representatives

General Directoratei

Defines and performs current tasks, executes operational decisions of issues of current activity

Council of Representatives i

It is the supreme governing body of the UGA between the convocations of the Association Meeting

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