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IV Agrarian Conference “Logistics and warehouse 2019”

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The past year for Ukrainian agrarians has become a record for grain production. Due to this, Ukraine will enter the TOP 5 world exporters of grain based on the results of the current season, if the problem with the name Logistics does not take place. According to preliminary forecasts, the coming year may become not less productive, and therefore the current transport problems will be facing the exporters no less sharply.

Despite the fact that agricultural products are perhaps the most important engine of the economy in our country, from year to year, the situation with its transportation only worsens. Why so? How to overcome the logistical collapse and infrastructure problems should be solved now, and not wait for the start of the new season.

Despite the convenient geographical situation, waterways are still used in Ukraine as transport corridors. Unfortunately, in this issue of business without involvement of the state cannot do – it requires dredging of rivers, a number of permits and legal decisions, and much more. The problem requires an urgent solution, since the redistribution of grain flows to the rivers can at least partially relieve the hard pressing, which now feels Ukrzaliznytsya.              

The question remains about the closure of low-level railway stations, routing of shipments, and so on. Ukrzaliznytsya has recently sought all kinds of opportunities for solving problems which are lasting for years: the old age of the car park, the lack of locomotive thrust, but all its steps are aimed primarily at increasing the profitability of its own business. What do agrarians do and what compromises will be found until the matter is open.

Problems with wagons, constantly growing tariffs, simple, corruption – all this makes the agrarians look for new ways to solve the issues of storage and logistics of their own products. According to the latest statistics, in 2018, the number of transported agricultural products by rail decreased by 6%, while by river and road grew by 3% for each species, respectively.

Separately there is a critical situation with the state of Ukrainian roads and highways. The load on the car is reduced, and weight control will increase all the time. Who will be responsible for exceeding the weight, who will be subject to penalties and what should the owner of the grain do in order not to lose his produce and to execute the contract on time – these are the aspects we shall try to draw your attention on April 24, at the 4th Agrarian Conference “Logistics and warehouse 2019”.

During the conference, the following issues will be raised for discussion: – Automobile transportation as an alternative to rail.- River transport: new players are on the market. Construction of river terminals.- The state of implementation of “Transport strategy of Ukraine 2030”.- Multimodal transportation.- What changes will the infrastructure undergo after Ukraine becomes part of the international transport corridor. – Terminals are constantly being improved and new capacities are built up, are there enough repositories for new crops and large vessels?

– How to check the condition and availability of grain on the elevator  and not lose your commodities?

– How to choose a reliable elevator for your grain?

 – Warehouses for oil storage. How to withstand all norms and not to spoil the goods? Responsible storage.

– Freight forwarding from the field to the port. New features.

– Container transportation – new opportunities.

 – How to reduce losses during transportation?

 – Automation of transport logistics.

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