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Agrarian Conference “Niche agricultural crops. Problems and perspectives”

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Interest in niche cultures in Ukraine is progressing. The new hype in agricultural production has changed steadily with its peculiarities, prospects and problems. This is not an isolated attempt to grow “something that is not in the neighbor”, but a well thought-out diversification of risks and economically based business model.

The development of new niches increases the competitiveness of manufacturers and serves as a driver for small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, the massive agrarian boom in growing niche crops is constrained by the shortage of quality seed material, the lack of effective plant protection products and the uncertainty of Ukrainian producers on new markets.

On June 26, 2018, the Information Company “ProAgro Group” will hold a conference “Niche Agricultural Crops: Problems and Perspectives”. At this event, producers will share their experience in growing different niches crops.

The purpose of the conference is to help agribusiness study the real demand for niche crops, deal with the peculiarities of their cultivation and processing, and also choose your own safety zone.

The main topics we will offer participants in the first practical agrarian conference “Niche Agricultural Crops: Problems and Perspectives”:

  • Trends in the Ukrainian market of niche crops
  • Case studies of agrocompanies for the production and marketing of non-industrial crops
  • Agrocompanies’ experiments with niche crops
  • “On a turn-key basis” production: new forms of cooperation with buyers
  • What countries are waiting for Ukrainian niche agricultural crops. How to obtain permission documents for the export of “unpopular” goods
  • Has it been possible to overcome our manufacturers and exporters of the India’s customs duties
  • What awaits producers of niche cultures on the world market in the new marketing season
  • What seeds and hybrids are preferred by non-industrial crop producers
  • What technical innovations allow niche producers to harvest good crops
  • How to protect niche crops from pests and diseases
  • How to diversify the “crop portfolio”
  • Organics, craft products and superfood are promising segments for small businesses. Production, processing, sales
  • How to communicate with sales networks
  • Attractive “added value” segments in the processing of niche crops

The conference speakers are experts of agrocompanies and market experts. They will share with colleagues their knowledge and experience.

Live discussions on the most up-to-date topics will not let bored listeners and speakers.

We are waiting for you on at the conference on June 26!

For participation in our activities, affiliate programs, organization of the report and advertising, please, contact “ProAgro Group”:

  • tel/fax: (+38 044) 248-02-67, (+38 067) 243-38-03

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